How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatment for Your Home

When it comes to selecting the ideal window treatments for your home, there are a few things to take into account. You can start by informing workers or online vendors about your space and windows, or show them photographs and ask for advice. Some stores will even send sellers to your home to provide advice, show samples, and take measurements. It's best to ask if there are any purchase fees or obligations, just to be sure.

For a classic design with light and privacy control, shutters mounted on double or folding windows under an arch are a great option. To increase privacy, fan-shaped shutters fit many standard arched crossbars. The crossbars add natural light and the illusion of height. To further enhance the height, you can mount a curtain rod on the ceiling.

To allow additional light to enter, you can attach transparent double fabric panels at the top of the opaque tails. Houses with elegant, traditional decor often have crossbars. If you want a full and sturdy showcase, you can treat the main collection of windows with curtain panels connected by a border (add blinds at the bottom for more privacy, if necessary). However, make sure to mount the rod as you would without the crossbars so that you can still enjoy the architectural addition.

Whether you buy window treatments at a major store or through Wovn Home, opaque and privacy coverings are available with both curtains and blinds. Blinds are made of a single panel of material that rolls up or folds on itself at the top of the window and can be raised and lowered to different heights. You can also embellish your blinds with contrasting bindings or decorative moldings for added style and functionality. To get an idea of how much light filters through, hold them in front of the window during the day and night.The sheer number of styles available can be overwhelming when trying to find the right treatment for your home.

When undercover Checkbook shoppers searched for prices for window treatments for four windows (including cellular blinds, blinds, and Roman blinds) in a sample of local stores and online outlets, they found a wide range. Most stores offer tools that allow you to view colors, models, and types of coverings on generic windows. However, it's easier to evaluate options in person so that you can touch and compare materials and styles.In addition to specialty stores and large stores, some upholstery and painting centers or design stores offer window treatment services, usually for Roman curtains or blinds.

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