Creating a Colorful and Textured Outdoor Living Space

Adding color and texture to your outdoor living space is a great way to make it more inviting and enjoyable. From flowering plants to trees with exfoliating bark, there are many ways to create a beautiful and unique landscape. Flowering plants are an excellent way to bring vibrancy and interest to the foundations of your home, above the retaining walls, and between the plant beds in your garden. You can also use texture to alter the perceived size of a space.

Place a thick texture in the background layer to make the space appear smaller, or bring the thick texture closer to the foreground layer to make the space appear larger. This will also help emphasize other plants or garden ornaments. The fine texture of the background makes the thick texture stand out more, and vice versa.Tree bark is another great way to add variety of textures. You can also use plants to create patio covers and turn a pergola into a green outdoor room.

Plant climbing plants in the corners for this purpose. A privacy hedge wall serves the same purpose as a fence, with the added benefit of creating a secret garden environment. Evergreen shrubs and grasses provide interest and color all year round, while flowers can be added for each season. Trees can also provide shade as one of your ideas for covering the patio.When planning with color, take into account seasonal changes, light intensity, texture, and color properties and relationships (color theory).

A ladder-shaped shelf will give you plenty of extra space for pots and create height in the patio without needing large trees and shrubs. Bold tones and unusual designs match happily with more traditional terracotta and concrete pots, so have fun shopping and creating an eclectic decor.When incorporating trees with exfoliating bark into a landscape design, avoid planting them in areas close to water sources, pools, and drainage routes as they tend to drop debris that can clog drains. Design the entire plan first considering shape and texture, then use color for more emphasis. Evergreen varieties will keep your garden bright all year round and look amazing in concrete pots.Finally, landscape designer Kate Anne Gross placed an outdoor kitchen next to a row of hedges to create an intimate tone for entertaining.

Earl Salstrom
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