Maximizing Your Outdoor Living Space with Stylish Furniture

Creating a comfortable atmosphere in your outdoor area is easy when you use the right furniture. Before purchasing new patio furniture, make sure that the dimensions are suitable for your deck. Bulky furniture will make a small terrace seem even smaller, so opt for minimalist furniture with sleek lines and open space. Glass furniture can also help create a sense of spaciousness.

Establishing a primary purpose for most of the space can help guide the exterior design. If you love to entertain guests, a dining set could be your main focus. Alternatively, you can arrange couches, chairs and low tables in the form of a forum. Flexible outdoor furniture includes ottomans that also act as coffee tables or ottomans that transform into side tables.

To blend the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas, choose furniture and color combinations that are an extension of your home's interior themes.Designer Sara Gilbane suggests the best designs, materials and furniture arrangements for six common outdoor spaces. To upgrade your outdoor living space for spring and summer, consider creating a luxurious outdoor haven with some creative design ideas from Hallmark Homes Group. Flower gardens provide visual appeal and you can take cutouts to decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces with those same flowers.

Earl Salstrom
Earl Salstrom

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