Creating a Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

Designing an outdoor living space that is both kid-friendly and pet-friendly can be a challenge, but with the right planning and materials, you can create a space that is both comfortable and stylish. To begin, designate areas for your pet. A special bed and feeding station will make them feel included in family activities. To differentiate between the different areas of the space, use a rug to cover the seating area.

Choose fabrics that are dirt-repellent, such as polypropylene and Sunbrella, to withstand wear and tear from pets and teens. To add color and design, use blue and white decorative pillows.To keep the porch cool on hot days, consider buying a downrod of at least 12 inches for a ceiling fan. Plants can be used as tall design details to balance the scale of the room. Opt for evergreens that can tolerate fluctuating temperatures.

Choose furniture that is appropriately sized and stylized to allow for comfortable movement throughout the space.If you have a solid wooden or vinyl fence around your backyard, you can make it more interesting for your pet by adding a dog window. This is a small section of clear plastic that allows your dog to see the world beyond the backyard while staying safe inside the fence. To keep decorations out of harm's way, avoid potted plants that a pet could tip over or uproot. Instead, consider a vertical garden wall or hanging planters.Set up some bird feeders to entertain you and your pet; just make sure they're out of reach of curious cats and canines.

Add stylish outdoor furniture made of durable materials, such as composites or aluminum, that can withstand inclement weather, as well as claws and legs. To prevent your dog from creating “dog paths” marked by thin or bare patches of grass, try to keep them from walking along the same stretch of grass over and over again.Mix colors and textures and use pieces of various sizes to create an attractive and visually interesting space. For a hard to scratch and splinter-free surface that does not require sanding, staining or sealing with harmful seasonal chemicals, consider using Trex composite decks which are made with 95% recycled content (including reclaimed wood scraps and polyethylene plastic films).

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