Creating a Cozy and Inviting Outdoor Living Space

Spend time outdoors with family and friends in your well-designed outdoor living room: relax, entertain, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Incorporate outdoor furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Make it look like an extension of your home by adding vibrant artwork, plush pillows, and other eye-catching decor. Just make sure everything is protected from the Texas heat and thunderstorms.

Check out this outdoor furniture care guide for helpful tips. Seating is essential when it comes to entertaining in the garden, and if you have a limited space, then a compact L-shaped sofa that fits your patio perfectly will add a luxurious look. Connect living rooms and kitchens to balconies and patios with plants that look and feel as good outside as they do inside. Paving is another practical option, along with natural stone (sandstone, limestone, slate, granite and travertine), which may be the most expensive patio paving option, but all of these materials have their own colors and characteristics, which will add an extra touch of interest to your outdoor living space.

Furniture made from materials such as powder-coated steel, teak and polyresin wicker is designed to withstand the elements and last for many seasons. Consider the lines of your garden and the amount of space available so that the surface works as a harmonious part of the overall effect. Every detail counts and you'll want this area to match and complement your home's lifestyle. “We love creating pieces that you would like to have in your garden all year round, making it a pleasure to be in outer space, not only during the day but also at night.

The sound of gently dripping water is so pleasant to hear through an open window or while eating outside and makes any space, no matter how compact, feel relaxing and zen. Enhance the ambiance with a little white noise from the garden and consider a beautiful water fountain near your outdoor living room. Tiles, pergolas and gazebos adorned with fragrant vines are creative ways to help define outdoor spaces, protect views of neighboring homes and add instant character to your space. Be sure to illuminate the access to the house with porch lights and work lighting for outdoor kitchens and barbecue spaces.

You're more likely to spend time outdoors and get used to the concept of spending time outdoors, even if you have to wear a jacket and gloves. Swap out common pots and planters for more decorative ones that look like home in an indoor living space to effortlessly blend the lines between indoor and outdoor living areas. Choose a variety of garden lighting (think festoons, candles and garlands of lights), perhaps a boho lamp, and then try layering them in different ways to see what aspect best suits your space and needs. Before you start making plans, take a good look at your garden (its position, orientation and perspective), as this will determine how best to use your outdoor space.

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